Neighbors Learn Man Converted To Islam… Leave Gift That Has Department Of Homeland Security RUNNING

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With Islamic extremists causing tensions to be at an all-time high, it seems that not quite everyone is so fond of the “peaceful” religion’s followers. After learning that a member of their community had converted to Islam, neighbors decided to leave him a little gift on his front porch – and it had the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) running.



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The incident took place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the home of a 25-year-old man who lives with his mother. According to reports, the man found quite the suspicious gift on his front porch and immediately called police.

Once police arrived, they were quick to realize that it was simply a piece of meat wrapped in newspaper and pieces of paper containing Muslim prayers. What the news organizations aren’t reporting is that this was most likely a massive slab of pork – a meat considered “unclean” and is known to upset practicing members of Islam.

Although details on the matter were slow to come to light, it was revealed that not everyone in the home is Muslim. According to Erica Price, she isn’t a Muslim, but her son “does the Muslim thing.”

Saying it “unnerved him,” the 25-year-old Islamists called police, who in turn reported the matter to the Department of Homeland Security. Seeing how the government, under the rule of Barack Obama, is extremely sympathetic to all Muslims, it’s no wonder DHS came running to investigate the matter.

Personally, I don’t get the big deal. I mean, this is an inconvenience, sure, maybe even insulting, but is that really a reason to call the police? This guy wasn’t threatened. Instead, someone merely made their opinion known about the presence of a Muslim in their area in a nonviolent way.

Muslim Finds Meat Wrapped In Islamic Prayer On Front Porch

With all the rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, liberals have to get over the fact that a person’s “right not to be offended” didn’t make the cut. Grow up, pick up the trash, and throw it out.

Unfortunately, with Obama and his leftist cohorts making such a big deal out of everything Islam, Muslims are becoming more entitled by the day. It was a slab of meat. Get over it.

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