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Neil Cavuto Obliterates Obama For Blaming Hillary’s Loss On Fox News

Obama is a complete and total narcissistic ego maniac. Even after getting their butt whooped and handed the worst repudiation by the American people in election history, he still refuses to acknowledge the utter failure of his policies. Yet here he is, still giving meaningless hate filled speeches about the very man who all but obliterated his socialist agenda in one big swoop, as if his words still matter. Pretty embarrassing that anyone in their right mind would be this desperate to remain relevant. Just saying…

BizPac Review:

Responding to President Obama’s comment about Clinton losing the election because of people watching Fox News in every bar and restaurant,” Fox News host Neil Cavuto showed that he’s only gotten stronger after his surgery and absence by finishing his Friday show with a verbal beatdown for the ages.

First, the Fox News host began with the example of his own health issues:

“I ate all the wrong foods, did all the wrongs things, I ignored all the warnings,” Cavuto said. “Now I’m not saying it was all me, heaven forbid, but I am saying tough as it is even now to admit, it was mostly me.”

Then, Cavuto went on to relate his situation to President Obama and the Democrats’ denial of what went wrong for them this election, saying, “Denial is deadly, so forgive me when I see the same reaction from President Obama, not over a physical crisis, but a personal crisis, this election. His candidate lost, and he cannot fathom why.”

“Fox News didn’t create this populist wave, your policies did. It wasn’t us playing in bars that doomed you, but so many maybe going to those bars because of you.”

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