Netanyahu Calls Kenyan President After Attack, Offers Assistance


AFP/ Carl Dd Souza


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reached out to Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta, offering support to the East African leader following a devastating terrorist attack which claimed the lives of nearly 150 people.

Netanyahu spoke with Kenyatta, extending his condolences on behalf of the citizens of Israel following the brutal assault on non-Muslim university students on Thursday by jihadist gunmen that left 148 people dead.

“We stand together in the fight against terrorism and we will offer you any assistance required,” Netanyahu said Sunday evening, according to a statement released the Prime Minister’s Office.

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The attack, carried out by the Somali-based al-Qaeda affiliated al-Shabab group, saw terrorists armed with automatic weapons and explosives specifically target and murder non-Muslim students on the campus of Garissa University in eastern Kenya, approximately 370 kilometers (230 miles) from the capital city of Nairobi.

Kenyan intelligence and security forces were heavily criticized in the wake of the tragedy, accused of ignoring signs ahead of the attack. It took security forces nearly seven hours to reach the campus and neutralize the four gunmen. More

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