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Netanyahu Says With Moral Clarity To World ➠ Stop Idolizing Murderers

Netanyahu Says With Moral Clarity To World ➠ Stop Idolizing Murderers


Netanyahu Says With Moral Clarity To World: Stop Idolizing Murderers

The one thing you could say about George W. Bush as president was that you knew where he stood. W had great moral clarity. There was no wishy washy Obama agenda and doctrine to speak of.

You are with us or against us, Bush rightly said after 9/11.

Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu has the same type of moral clarity. He means what he says, and you can understand where he stands utterly and completely. This is really refreshing in the age of Obama.

This week, Netanyahu gave a speech intended for Israel’s neighbors and the world at large. The Jerusalem Post reports:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu honored Israel’s victims of terrorism at a Remembrance Day ceremony at Jerusalem’s Mount Herzl on Wednesday.


Netanyahu said that terrorists do not distinguish between civilians and soldiers, between those at the front and those on the homefront, or between Jews and non-Jews. “There hatred is blind, for them we are all targets,” he said.


“While they try to take life, we add life,” the prime minister said.


While Israel admires humanity,  “Many of our neighbors are not like this. They admire murderers. The more they murder, the more they admire them,” he said.


The prime minister called on Israel’s neighbors to “stop the incitement and the admiring of murderers, that’s not how you make peace.”

Funny, I don’t hear anything like, “the future does not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” I don’t hear Christians being bashed.

I don’t hear apologies for terrorists. I don’t hear childish statements like the ‘JV Team.’  

What I hear is moral clarity and courage, and I don’t hear any moral equivalency. I hear the truth from a man not afraid to speak it. and it’s refreshing.

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