NEW BLACK PANTHERS Threaten To Kill Dylann Root’s Father ➠ Plan Rally For Sunday

dylann storm roof arrest

NEW BLACK PANTHERS Threaten to Kill Dylann Root’s Father – Plan Rally for Sunday

Franklin Roof, the father of Dylann Storm Root, is afraid for his life after receiving numerous threatening calls from New Black Panthers.

Dylann Storm Root was arrested and charged with nine counts of murder after killing nine black Christians dead at a Bible study.

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It was reported that Franklin bought his felon son a gun on his birthday in April.

Now his father is receiving several threatening calls. reported:

The father of Dylann Roof is afraid for his life and telling cops he is the victim of unending threatening phone calls in the wake of his son’s arrest for the execution of nine black churchgoers.


Franklin Roof called cops to his Columbia, S.C., home at noon Friday, according to police records.


“The victim states that individuals claiming to be with the Black Panther Party have called several times and left messages stating, ‘I’m coming to see you real soon, buddy boy,’” records say.


“The victim states that another individual claiming to be from the Nation of Islam called and stated that they wanted to interview him and make sure his whole family was there. The victim states he believes that these phone calls are implied threats.”


On Friday, the same day Franklin Roof told cops he was being threatened, he released a statement to the media expressing “shock, grief and disbelief” over his son’s arrest for the Wednesday massacre at a bible study group at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston.


Franklin Roof told police the calls have kept him from using his cellphone.

The New Black Panthers are holding a rally on Sunday.


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