New Black Youth Group Forms Demanding Slavery Reparations

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Two groups have called recently for reparations in response to discrimination against black Americans.

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In its policy agenda released Monday, the Chicago-based advocacy group Black Youth Project 100 said dismantling the lingering impacts of white supremacy “will require creative solutions that are a mix of financial settlements, implementing policies that eliminate obstacles to wealth for Black people and transforming the popular historical narrative about Black people in America.” The model is a landmark Chicago reparations package for police torture survivors.


“Closing the gender and race gap, protection for queer and trans folks, workers’ bill of rights, investing in our communities — all of these things can be put into a reparations framework because we have to look at the root cause of all of these issues and they’re all a product of harm that’s been done through government and corporations that profited off of black bodies and labor,” said Janae Bonsu, national public policy chair for BYP100.


Last week a United Nations working group on racism against blacks concluded its U.S. visit and offered preliminary recommendations, which include urging Congress to study reparations as a way to confront a racist past and policies that still hurt black people. More

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