New Cop-Tracking Apps Could Put Officers’ Lives in Danger

New Cop-Tracking Apps Could Put Officers' Lives in Danger


New Cop-Tracking Apps Could Put Officers’ Lives in Danger

As anti-police sentiment across the U.S. grows, app developers are releasing a wave of apps to help people track and document police.

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But should these apps be legal?

Former police officer Steven Rogers said on “Fox and Friends” that these apps have absolutely no redeeming value. He asserted that they will hinder the ability of law enforcement to properly do their job, and more importantly, they will put officers’ lives in danger.

Policy analyst at the Cato Institute Matthew Feeney acknowledged that a potentially dangerous app called “Waze” allows citizens to pinpoint where cops are.

Feeney pointed out that it’s not just about apps, either, as Twitter or text messages could be used to broadcast information about police.

“This isn’t something that we’re going to be able to stop given the state of technology at the moment,” Feeney said.

“Police officers have been killed as a result of technology,” Rogers stated. “Why don’t we invent things to help police do their job and not hinder their ability?”

“This is yet another piece of technology to give to the bad guys. Let’s help the good guys for once.”


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