New Daily Show Host Trevor Noah Recently Trashed Americans As Stupid


New Daily Show Host Trevor Noah Recently Trashed Americans as Stupid

Trevor Noah, the Jew-bashing South African comic picked by Comedy Central to replace Jon Stewart as host of the leftist Daily Show, trashed Americans as stupid at an appearance in London three weeks ago, saying “most of them don’t know much about anything.”

Noah insulted his soon-to-be nightly audience at the March 13 Red Nose Day 2015 Comic Relief charity show during a riff on being a South African flying to the United States and being questioned about possible exposure to Ebola.

“…Flying in to America particularly has been the worst. You go through different lines, there’s extra checks. You know, especially if you come from what they consider a high risk Ebola region–which is apparently the whole continent—we’re all coughing on each other in one big hut.


“I don’t really blame them, ‘cause look, the truth is most Americans don’t know much about South Africa. So, well, they don’t know much about Africa as a whole, uh, most of them don’t know much about anything. But still…”

Last December, as reported by Newsbusters, Noah put down the United States during a guest spot on the Daily Show where he did the ‘hands up don’t shoot’ shtick.

“NOAH [HOLDING HIS HANDS UP]: No, no, seriously, I’ve been holding my arms like this since I got here. I never thought I’d be more afraid of police in America than in South Africa. It kind of makes me a little nostalgic for the old days back home. “

Noah is scheduled to start a month-long tour of America with a sold out seven show run at a club just outside Washington, D.C. starting April 9.

After hearing about his contempt for Americans, President Barack Obama will probably want to hang out with fellow progressive Noah like he did with the South Korean rapper PSY who sang of wanting to kill Americans.

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