New ISIS Video Shows Three Kurdish Peshmerga Soldiers Beheaded In Iraq

26D6764800000578-3004040-image-a-23_1426860069338New ISIS Video Shows Three Kurdish Peshmerga Soldiers Beheaded In Iraq…




Via Daily Mail:

Islamic State have released a shocking new video, featuring the execution of three Kurdish prisoners in Iraq.


Dressed in orange boiler suits with their hands bound behind his back, the Kurdish soldiers are each marched through the ruins of a bombed out building by an ISIS fighter.


All three prisoners are then beheaded in front of a large crowd of local residents, including a number of children.


Each time the prisoners are individually shown being forced to  knees. They have all had their heads shaved and dressed in matching uniforms.


The footage briefly stops to reveal the names of each prisoner,revealing their rank and background in the Peshmerga.


A bearded ISIS fighter gives a speech, promising greater attacks on the Kurds if their government do not stand down in their fight against the extremist group.


A variety of close up shots from different camera angles are used to show the prisoners waiting to be executed.

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