New York AG: Tweets Let’s Prosecute People Twice For The Same Crime… Then Takes A BEATING!

Now the left sees our fundamental rights as loopholes, very interesting. The “double-jeopardy loophole” is actually just called “double jeopardy” and you can NOT be prosecuted twice for the same crime.

Aw, poor thing, a perfectly legal action taken by a duly elected President, isn’t to her liking? Well, gosh, why don’t you just jump off! Again the constitution gets in the way of leftist democratic ideals.


Blatantly improper for making a political appeal from an official account. One can theoretically have different prosecutions in different jurisdictions (federal and state) and that isn’t double jeopardy. But many states including NY says they will not retry anyone who was tried for a federal crime for the same offense in the state, recognizing they’ve already been tried. But what the AG is arguing for the sole reason of being able to potentially prosecute Trump people is that they do away with that law.

Daily Wire:

On Thursday, after news broke that President Trump had pardoned Dinesh D’Souza for his campaign finance violations, the New York Attorney General’s office immediately tweeted out that they’d like to pass a state law to unjustifiably jail those who had been pardoned for federal crimes. In fact, they’d like to violate the constitutional prohibition on double jeopardy.

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Yes, really.

Here’s their statement and tweet:


That is what makes the 2018 midterms so important. These people that call themselves Democrats are really dangerous.


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