The NFL Just Gave All Americans The One Finger Salute…

These cry-babies offend us! American football stars drop to their knees during the national anthem in protest defying Donald Trump after he said sportsman who ‘disrespect America’ should be SACKED…

The arrogance of these highly paid sports figures who have an amazing elitist life ‘playing’ sports all while thinking they are victims of a horrible America is just unbelievable. Maybe they all should move to Cuba!

TGP by Joe Hoft: Michelle Malkin was on FOX News’ Judge Janine Show tonight and she scored a touchdown against the mainstream media, the socialist-leaning Democrat Party and NFL players taking a knee during the national anthem.

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Malkin said –

…As you point out, the numbers don’t lie.  I wrote a column about it this week that includes the NFL.  Viewership is down since the beginning of the [opening]season by 13% . We’re seeing drops in attendance.  We’re seeing drops everywhere, in advertising as well and that’s because there’s no business enterprise that is ever going to survive by insulting and trashing its own customer base…

The NFL allows players to disrespect American history and the American flag and as a result has made a game changing fumble.  The NFL needs new leadership and rules encouraging their players to respect American traditions and history.  NFL players are currently disrespecting the many Americans who gave their lives for this country.

NFL fans are predominantly conservative.  They are hard working Americans, not the liberal base of socialist non-working Americans.  The NFL is making a big mistake by believing that conservative Americans are not their base and that conservatives do not have the economic power to shut them down.  If the NFL wants to continue debasing this country they can expect to continue to see their numbers and profits dwindle.

President Trump is right.  Fire NFL leadership and the players who disrespect our country while making millions.

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