Nikki Goeser Whose Husband Was Murdered Responds To Obama’s Parkland Op-Ed With A Truth Bomb

How many more examples do we need to show them that posting “gun-free zone” sign does nothing to protect anyone, except for the criminal?

Criminals will always get and hold on to their weapons. So please don’t create more laws just to take guns away from all the good guys.

She places the blame where it belongs!


Nikki Goeser, whose husband was murdered, rebuked former President Barack Obama’s op-ed to Parkland, Florida, students that lauded them for their commitment to increasing gun control laws.

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Obama wrote in an article for Time that the Parkland students bore “witness to carnage” and are now affecting change by “shaking us out of our complacency.” He wrote:

They see the NRA and its allies — whether mealymouthed politicians or mendacious commentators peddling conspiracy theories — as mere shills for those who make money selling weapons of war to whoever can pay.

In response, Goeser, who is a concealed carry permit holder herself, explained that she, too, has “witnessed carnage” but in the aftermath of murder placed blame differently than the Florida students.

“I didn’t blame guns. I blame the murderer and those lawmakers who thought a ‘gun-free zone’ would keep us safe,” she tweeted. “All it did was prevent me from defending us.”

She added, “I am no shill,” as a rebuke of Obama’s claim the NRA and its allies are simply accomplices to the profiting of selling weapons of war.

In 2009, Goeser’s stalker, Hank Wise, shot and killed her husband, Ben. Despite being a concealed carry holder, because of the designated “gun-free zone” they were in, her firearm was locked inside her vehicle. More

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