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Nine Aid Workers In Afghanistan Shot Dead In Their Beds

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Nine Aid Workers in Afghanistan Shot Dead in Their Beds

Nine aid workers were shot dead in northern Afghanistan recently.

The aid workers were reportedly shot dead in their beds.


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The identity of the attackers is unknown.

The BBC reported, via Religion of Peace:

Nine Afghan employees of a Czech charity have been killed in an attack by unknown gunmen in northern Afghanistan, officials say.


The attack on a guesthouse in the Zari district of Balkh province is the latest of several on aid workers in Afghanistan recently.


The charity – People in Need (PIN) – said the victims were “killed in their beds while they were sleeping”.


The attack has not yet been claimed by any group or individual.


PIN condemned the attack, saying in a statement published on its website that it was “unprecedented in its brutality”.


“Those killed include two drivers, two guards and five project staff, which included a woman,” PIN country director Ross Hollister told reporters.


PIN said it had suspended all of its work in Afghanistan and was adopting measures to strengthen the security of its employees in the country.

More on the attack here.

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