Nine Year Old Boy Donates His Birthday Money To Help Protect K9 Unit


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Police K9s are often on the front lines of danger, alongside men and women in uniform.

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However the difference lies in that police officers wear bullet-proof vests under their uniforms.


The St. Paul Police K9 Foundation is working to provide each dog with a custom-fit vest. On Saturday, the foundation received a heartfelt donation from a fourth grader.


Nine-year-old Ethan Flint asked his friends and family not to give him birthday gifts this year and to instead use the money to go toward bulletproof vests for the St. Paul K9 unit. He presented a homemade check for $1,290 to the K9 unit on Saturday.


“And everyone who donated I just want to say thanks to them,” Ethan said.


Ethan’s parents said they as a family discussed and developed this plan.


“We just need to do something that he was interested in and give to a cause that he believed in,” Jennifer Flint said.


Sgt. John Linssen, with the St. Paul Police Department, said that a vest to protect a K9 can cost about $2600, so every dollar counts. The vest protects the dog from bullets and potential stab wounds.


“I think it’s outstanding that a 9-year-old could think of something like that; it’s remarkable,” Linssen said.
K9s are an important part of the police family and the Flint family said it’s just happy to help.

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