‘No, No, No.’ CNN Host Cuts Off Interview After Guest Raises Hillary’s Defense Of Child Rapist

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Every time she talks about her work with the ‘Children’s Defense Fund’, they should bring this up.

Via Daily Caller:

CNN host Carol Costello abruptly ended a segment Tuesday after a guest brought up Hillary Clinton’s 1975 legal defense of an accused child rapist.

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Appearing on “CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello” on Tuesday, Newsmax’s Steve Malzberg, who supports Donald Trump said, “When you get one-on-one, especially if it’s Hillary, Donald Trump will go places nobody is willing to go — where the media at this point isn’t willing to go: Bringing up Clinton’s women who say they were intimidated by Hillary. Having them come forward and speak. A litany of issues that you can’t even imagine.”


Costello then interrupted, “I’m thinking that might not be a winning argument for Donald Trump right at this moment.”


Fellow guest Judson Phillips, who is a Ted Cruz supporter chimed in, “That isn’t going to be a winning argument for Donald Trump.”


“Sure it will,” Malzberg replied.


“How many derogatory things has he said about women? His negatives among women are 75 percent right now,” Phillips claimed. Trump is “not going to make that up. There is no way that he can win.”


“Do you know how many young women in this country don’t even know that Bill Clinton was impeached? No, maybe they’ve heard of Monica Lewinsky. They don’t know the women that have accused Bill Clinton of sexual improprieties and that say they have been threatened and intimidated by Hillary Clinton,” Malzberg said.


“A girl who was raped by a pedophile that Hillary Clinton bragged about getting off,” Malzberg began to say before Costello interrupted.


Costello said, “Oh, come on.” More

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