No, The Oregon Shooter Was Not A ‘Conservative Republican’


There were many media outlets reporting the Oregon shooter as a ‘conservative Republican’ based on an old dating profile that he appeared to have filled out, shown above.

Leaving aside the accuracy of what one might fill out in such a form, the thought was of course completely inconsistent with his actions in specifically targeting Christians. Not a very conservative Republican thing to do. Not to mention that that same dating profile mentioned that he was into black magic or the ‘left handed path’, that of course also militates against ‘conservatism’ as there aren’t too many conservative occultists out there.

As it turns out, his voting registration reveals he was not in fact a Conservative Republican, but an Independent. Oregon is also a closed primary state so registered Independents cannot vote in the primaries of other parties, so he was a true Independent, not one registered to be able to cross over elsewhere.
Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 10.02.02 PM


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