Not Joking ➠ Donald Trump Says He Wants Oprah As His Running Mate


Donald Trump Says He Wants Oprah As His Running Mate… Yes, Oprah…

Yes, totally serious candidate.

Via The Hill:

Newly minted Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump believes he has a way to guarantee that he’ll win the White House: Oprah Winfrey on the ticket.


“I think Oprah would be great. I’d love to have Oprah,” Trump told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos in an excerpt from Trump’s first interview after his Tuesday morning presidential announcement.


“I think we’d win easily, actually.”


The real estate magnate announced his entry into the Republican field after a long flirtation with politics. The outspoken and boisterous star of NBC’s “The Apprentice” delivered an almost hour-long speech that barely followed the script released to the media ahead of the event.


He bashed the Obama administration and painted himself as the only candidate with the negotiation skills to outsmart the country’s threats, military and economic.


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