Now You Can See If The NSA Has Spied On Your Facebook Account, Here’s How…


Many people who express their political opinions and government grievances online have probably been worried at one time that the NSA is watching their activity and reading their every word. This is not just a possibility, but could be a probability in some cases, and now Facebook has implemented a new way to let you know if you’re being stalked by the government.

This new feature may force conspiracy theorists with few Facebook friends to retire their tinfoil hats. It could come with some disappointment that your chemtrail rants aren’t being read by the NSA or other official agencies, here and in the U.K. But have no fear, if your security is ever breached by the government, you’ll now know.

According to an alert issued by Facebook’s Chief Security Officer, Alex Stamos, the social media giant has created a specialized notification that will appear on a user’s screen to inform them if the security of their account has been compromised by a government-sponsored attack. This includes extensive enough monitoring or hits from the NSA and Britain’s equivalent, GCHQ.

Users will be notified via a pop-up box on their account, if Facebook has substantial enough evidence that these agencies are prying. This likely means multiple attempts of breaching the security into a particular account, but Stamos refrained from detailing out how the company goes about collecting such evidence, as to protect their methods of doing so.

“To protect the integrity of our methods and processes, we often won’t be able to explain how we attribute certain attacks to suspected attackers,” is all Stamos would say about how they collect their data to know which users are being watched. “That said, we plan to use this warning only in situations where the evidence strongly supports our conclusion.”

Now You Can See If The NSA Has Spied On Your Facebook Account, Here’s How...

The warning will look like this example below on your desktop, which also provides advice for users on how to prevent their accounts from being compromised again. Stamos also added that if you do get a warning, the intrusion likely came from your mobile device or malware-infected computer, not a loophole within Facebook’s tight security systems. More



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