NY Dems Throwing Hillary Under Bus ➠ Pushing For New Candidate ➠ Guess Who?

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Some NY Dems Throwing Hillary Under Bus, Pushing For New Candidate…Mike Bloomberg…

Nanny Bloomberg vs. Hillary the Corruptocrat. Yuck.

Via NY Post:

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A dirty secret behind Hillary Clinton’s lead in the Democratic presidential race is the lack of a credible challenger. Despite rising voter disgust over sordid revelations about the Clinton Foundation, there is no appealing alternative.


The situation led some disgruntled Democrats to push Sen. Elizabeth Warren to run, an effort that folded yesterday. But now comes word of a bid to entice another big-name challenger, and this one is far more intriguing.


It aims to get former Mayor Michael Bloomberg into the race.


New York Dems friendly to Bloomberg have approached him to gauge his interest. Their argument is that Clinton’s vulnerability with general-election voters, especially independents, could result in a Republican president. They also believed Bloomberg could be interested because, as one of them told me,“Mike can’t stand Hillary.”  More

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