NY Post: AFDI “Group Behind Anti-Jihad Ads Challenges MTA Ban”

NY Post: AFDI “Group behind anti-jihad ads challenges MTA ban”

Where do these fascist fatcats think they are, banning free speech? Nazi Germany? The maligning Mr. Moerdler, leader of the ban board, invoked Nazi Germany to enact the same restrictions on free speech that let to Nazi Germany’s murderous reign.

We are fighting back against the vicious power-grab.

Public service ads are allowed, and our ads are the embodiment of the public service ad. What could be more serviceable than saving your life?

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This is the opening salvo. I expect that the MTA will call on those limousine liberal lawyers in their ivory towers to enforce their free speech putsch. For the left, Baltimore is “free speech,” Ferguson is “free speech,” but our ads “might incite violence.”

Off topic but related; the reportage below refers to our ad as  “Anti-Muslim” — opposing jihad terror is “anti-Muslim”? Speaks volumes, don’t you think?

“Group behind anti-jihad ads challenges MTA ban,” By Rebecca Harshbarger and Rich Calder, NY Post, April 30, 2015


Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 12.01.49 PM

The group that wants to run an anti-Muslim [sic]ad on city buses filed a letter in Manhattan federal court on Thursday charging that their ad is a public service and the MTA’s new policy violates its constitutional rights.


Judge John Koeltl ruled earlier this month that the MTA had to run an ad by The American Freedom Defense Initiative that read “Killing Jews is Worship that draws us close to Allah,” as well as “That’s His Jihad. What’s yours?” More

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