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NYC Adults Paying $1,000 To Take Naps At Preschool


NYC Adults Paying ,000 to Take Naps at Preschool

There is a preschool for adults in New York City. It’s called Preschool Mastermind and after running every Tuesday evening in March, the final class is next week.

Activities listed are arts and crafts, show and tell, snack time, musical chairs, and nap time. The cost: $999, or based on the sliding scale provided — $333, $444, $555, $666, $777, or $888 — whatever “you are able and willing to pay!”

Instructions for applicants included printing the colorful PDF form and filling it out “by hand” — “think crayons, markers” — followed by “a mandatory 20-minute getting-to-know-you phone call interview” once the “final-round” was reached. One of the questions on the application asks, “Do you believe in magic?” Another asks to list your “#1 Superpower.”

The “mastermind” behind the adult preschool is the lead teacher, Michelle Joni. Along with assistant teacher Miss CanCan, the two hope to live up to their slogan: “Pre your mind and the rest will follow.” (Loosely based on the 1992 hit-single from En Vogue, Free Your Mind.) Classes meet at Miss Joni’s apartment.

Joni has other child-themed activities for adults listed at her website. She invites grown ups around NYC to join her “Skipping Club” and skip around the city during the Summer months aimed to “you discover your highest, most confident self.” Joni can also be seen here giving a speech invited at a recent “TEDx Youth Talk.”

The above photo was captured by Barcroft Media/Landov for an ABC News piece on the adult preschool.

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