NYC Bureaucrats Terminate Dead Employee For Missing 18 Months Of Work!



He can still vote.

Via The Daily Mail

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New York City officials filed to terminate a social services employee after he missed 18 months of work – and an administrative judge approved the firing when the man didn’t turn up to his own hearing.


But Medicaid-eligibility specialist Geoffrey Toliver, 65, had a good reason not to show up.


He died of cancer in December last year.


The Human Resources Administration claimed it had tried to reach Toliver, who was born in Harlem and schooled in Queens, for more than a year before moving to fire him, the New York Post reported.


The father-of-three was making $38,000 per year.


Family friend Ted Willbright, who supported Toliver while he was dealing with his illness, said: ‘How do you fire a man who is already dead?


‘He deserves better. The agency itself should have known.


‘Some people he worked with were very supportive, so how did HRA the organization not know?


‘He didn’t abandon his job, his job abandoned him. He was a good man. Truly, truly a good man.’ More

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