NYC Bus Driver Does Nothing While Black Teens Attack White Schoolgirls

NYC Bus Driver Allegedly Does Nothing While Black Teens Attack White Schoolgirls

Well helping them was just not in the bus driver’s job description… It almost sounds like the bus driver was involved with letting them get away. Couldn’t even be bothered to call the cops, the girls had to do it. This should be considered a hate crime!

NY Post:

Four white 15-year-old Catholic schoolgirl friends laughing and chatting on their usual bus ride home were targeted in an unprovoked, racial attack that left them bloody and bruised, the teens told The Post Wednesday.

“Oh, white girl got money!” a young black man sitting with a friend commented as the girls travelled on the BX8 bus around 3 p.m. Tuesday after dismissal from St. Catharine’s Academy in the Pelham Gardens section of The Bronx.

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Before they knew it, the boys called up some female friends, who boarded a few stops away — and the girls said the group punched and kicked them while grabbing clumps of their hair.

In an exclusive interview with The Post, two of the girls said the trouble began as soon as they boarded the bus to Throggs Neck — with the male riders leering at the 10th-graders and snapping their pictures.

One of the victims, who only wants to be identified by the initials LT because the attackers are still at large, said they were in their school uniforms when the young men tried chatting with them and then threatened to “piss on them.”

‘Oh, you go to St. Catharine’s? What, do you have money? Go drink your coffee, white girl, and go shopping,” one of them said.

The girls nervously tried to laugh it off, and the thugs said they were calling friends at the upcoming Westchester Square stop for re-enforcements.

Before they knew it, six to eight young black girls got on the bus and all hell broke loose.

“All I remember is seeing the bus doors open and these girls have me by the ankles,” LT said. “One of the guys had me by my hair and punched me in the jaw.” More

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