Obama ➠ Trayvon Martin “Just As Talented As Me”



Obama: Trayvon Martin “Just As Talented As Me”…


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BARACK OBAMA: “That’s why we’ve invested in ideas from support for new moms to summer jobs for young people, to helping more young people afford a college education. That’s why over a year ago we launched something we call My Brother’s Keeper. An initiative to address those persistent opportunity gaps and ensure all of our young people but particularly young men of color have a chance to go as far as their dreams will take them. It’s an idea we pursued in the wake of Trayvon Martin’s death because we wanted the message sent from the White House in a sustained way that his life mattered, that the lives of the young men here today matter, that we care about your future. Not just sometimes but all the time. In every community in America there are young people with incredible drive and talent. And they just don’t have the same kinds of chances that somebody like me had. They are just as talented as me. Just as smart. They don’t get a chance.”

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