Obama ➠ Wealthy Americans Are “Society’s Lottery Winners” ➠ Demands Redistribution!

Obama Dismisses Wealthy Americans As 'Society's Lottery Winners'

Obama: Wealthy Americans Are “Society’s Lottery Winners”, Demands Redistribution As Basic Tenet

Pull this one out and show it when people deny he is all about redistribution.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBmQiFs8ihw&w=720&h=515]

Never has there been a clearer statement of take from the ‘rich’, whatever can they do with all that money, and give to others, ‘to be fair’. The ‘rich’ are “society’s lottery winners” and not entitled to what they earned.

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It’s never about bringing others up, but always about penalizing the successful to grab more for government.


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