Obama Admin Preparing To Make Religious Groups Do Something Outrageous!

Obama Admin Preparing To Make Religious Groups Do Something Outrageous

According to recent reports, an executive order enacted last year by Barack Obama is now set to enact an apparent restraint to the free exercise of religion. The Center for Family and Human Rights – or C-Fam – heard from one source who, speaking on the condition of anonymity, explained that the Obama administration is prepared to pressure faith-based organizations receiving federal grants to accept applications from homosexuals.


While George W. Bush clarified an existing federal order in 2002 by carving out an exemption for religious institutions, recent reports suggest Obama’s subsequent revision erased that provision – at least for grant recipients. Last July’s executive order was sold as a method of protecting gay applicants from discrimination by federal contractors. C-Fam’s Austin Ruse wrote that the same policy is now being applied to the far larger community of federal grant recipients.

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“Though the executive order last summer was specifically related to federal procurement and contracts,” he wrote, “it did not touch grant recipients that substantially outnumber contract recipients. More

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