Obama Admin Staffers “Cheered” While Secretly Listening To The Private Scolding of Israeli Ambassador


Obama Admin Staffers “Cheered” While Secretly Listening To The Private Scolding of Israeli Ambassador During State Department Meeting…

Via Free Beacon:

Obama administration staffers listened in on and “cheered” the private scolding of a former Israeli ambassador by senior a State Department official, according to new disclosures by that ambassador, Michael Oren.

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The incident took place in 2010, when the Obama administration stoked tensions with Israel over its decision to continue building homes in Jerusalem neighborhoods, according to Oren, who recounts the episode in his new memoir, Ally: My Journey Across the American-Israeli Divide.


At the time, the Obama administration was upset Israel had announced the construction of 1,600 new homes for Jewish people in neighborhoods in East Jerusalem. The announcement coincided with a trip to Israel by Vice President Joe Biden.


The episode sparked a public spat between Israel and the Obama administration, which condemned the housing construction and privately scolded Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and then-Ambassador Oren.


Oren recounted that when he landed back in Washington, D.C., following the trip, he landed “to learn that [then]Secretary of State Clinton has excoriated Netanyahu for 45 minutes over the phone, rebuking him for humiliating the president and undermining America’s ability to deal with pressing Middle East issues.”


Soon after that, Oren found out that he had been “summoned” to the State Department for an “immediate meeting,” according to the book.


Before attending the meeting, Oren huddled with his senior advisers and informed them, “while I would continue to adhere publicly to the ‘all’s well’ [between the United States and Israel]pose, behind the scenes I would forcibly resist this attempt to fabricate a crisis.”


Oren then traveled to the State Department for a tense meeting with then-Deputy Secretary Jim Steinberg. Oren later found out the meeting was being listened to by State Department staffers, who “cheered” as Steinberg upbraided Oren.

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