Obama Admits He’d Be A Terrible Parent Without The Secret Service


Obama Admits He’d Be A Terrible Parent Without The Secret Service…

Via The Hill:

…Obama heaped praise on his kids, saying before moving into the White House, the biggest worry he and wife Michelle had was whether being raised in the executive mansion was “going to be some weird thing for them, or are they going to grow up with an attitude, or think everybody eats off of china?”

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But the siblings, Obama says, “treat everybody with respect. They don’t have any kind of airs. They’re confident but without being cocky.”


Although after Malia was “starting to chafe a little” about the Secret Service, Obama says he had to set her straight.


“I had to explain to her, ‘Sweetie, let me tell you something. If you think that you’d be over at your friend’s house until 11:30 and then I’d be coming to pick you up, you’re crazy.’ ”


“So the only reason you’re out is because you got a detail,” Obama says he exclaimed to his teen. “Otherwise, you’d be home because I wouldn’t be chauffeuring you around.”


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