Obama Aide Victoria Nuland Started Christopher Steele-FBI Alliance

Does anyone find this surprising? This smacks of typical Chicago type politics. If they dig deep enough I would bet that they will uncover Barack Obama as the engineer behind the entire thing.

He had complete control over these agencies and illegally used them for political purposes. Every rock that gets turned over exposes another Obama controlled government employee crossing lines! Obama‘s fingerprints are all over this and eventually, it will come out.


A senior Barack Obama State Department official gave the green light to an FBI agent in 2016 to meet with dossier writer Christopher Steele, a meeting that touched off a relationship that would fuel the ongoing investigation into possible Donald Trump-Russia election collusion.

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And, the sensational Steele allegation that led to an FBI wiretap on Trump volunteer Carter Page came from “pillow talk” with the lover of a Kremlin official, a new book says.

The disclosure that Victoria Nuland started the process is contained in “Russian Roulette,” a new book out on Tuesday by Yahoo News report Michael Isikoff and Mother Jones magazine’s David Corn.

Two committees, the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and the Senate Judiciary Committee, are investigating how Obama officials promoted Mr. Steele’s 35-page dossier. It makes a series of criminal charges against President Trump and his associates, contending there was an “extensive conspiracy” between them and the Kremlin. This supposed collusion has not been substantiated publicly. House Intelligence committee Republicans on Monday said their 14-month investigation found no collusion.

“Russian Roulette” shows Obama people played a deeper role in promoting the dossier to get it into the hands of law enforcement. More

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