Obama Bashes “Foolish” Scott Walker For Not Trusting Iranian Regime ➠ Video

He should 'take some time to bone up on foreign policy'

Obama Bashes “Foolish” Scott Walker For Not Trusting Iranian Regime (Video)

President Obama attacked “foolish” Scott Walker for promising to revoke Obama’s sham nuclear agreement with the America-hating Iranian regime.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yiBzuiTrAR4&w=760&h=515]


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Obama, who had absolutely no foreign policy experience when he was elected president, said Walker needed to take some time to “bone up on foreign policy.”

CBS News reported:

President Obama says Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker would be taking a foolish approach if he follows through with vows to revoke a nuclear deal with Iran if elected president.


The president was asked in an NPR News interview about Walker’s recent comments promising to reject any Iran deal Mr. Obama reaches on his first day as president.


And if the president’s ability to strike agreements starts being questioned, Mr. Obama told NPR, it will be a problem for allies and embolden U.S. enemies. He says he’s confident anyone knowledgeable enough to be elected president “won’t won’t start calling to question the capacity of the executive branch of the United States to enter into agreements with other countries.”


The president said in the interview, “It would be a foolish approach to take, and, you know, perhaps Mr. Walker, after he’s taken some time to bone up on foreign policy, will feel the same way.

Maybe Obama should take some time to bone up on reality… Certainly he must be aware of this failures of his foreign policy? And now he wants to trust Iran? What a nut.

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