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Obama Gets Miffed When Asked About Iran After Talk On Energy & Climate Change

Obama Gets Miffed

Obama Gets Miffed When Asked About Iran After Talk On Energy And Climate Change

At 3:51:

When he smiles like that, he’s really thinking “Eat *#*& and die!” Because climate change is much more important than Iran getting nuclear weapons…

Via Young Cons:

If you’re ever given an opportunity to ask President Obama a question, it better be about the topic he’s already speaking on, or else he might get his boxers in a bunch and get a little snarky.


Associated Press reporter Mark Smith asked the president a question about negotiations with Iran while Obama was speaking about his new executive order to save the planet–feel free to roll your eyes–which apparently didn’t sit well with the Commander-In-Chief and resulted in the two getting into a tiff.


From TheBlaze:

After Obama finished speaking at the Department of Energy, a reporter asked the president if there had been any “progress” on the “Iran talks.”


Obama quickly undercut the question, proclaiming, “I’m sorry, we’re talking about energy. It’s a great story. So, hopefully you’ll focus on it.”


“We gotta try, sir,” Smith then replied.


“This is a really important story,” Obama shot back.


“And there are often more than one at a time, sir,” the reporter rebutted.


“Yeah, but this one really matters,” Obama added. More

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