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Obama: Hillary Private Email Server Just A ‘Mistake’


President Obama appeared on “60 Minutes” last Sunday evening and told Steve Kroft that former Secretary of State and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton simply made a mistake using a personal home-brewed email service to conduct government business. Obama appeared on the show to defend his policy in Syria.

“I think that it was a mistake,” Obama said. But added that she should come clean and answer questions about her email server.

The president added that Clinton’s use of a private server is not a “national security problem.” However, he said she still needs to answer the questions which have dogged her throughout the campaign.

The President also said he didn’t know that Clinton was using a home server for email while she was Secretary of State. (It’s hard to believe that Obama and Hillary never communicated electronically while working together. Didn’t he notice her email wasn’t coming from a .gov address?)

Obama said the controversy about Clinton’s private email server was merely “‘ginned-up’ into a political attack by Republicans eager to keep her from being president.”

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