Obama Immigration LOOPHOLE Opened Door For Muslim Terrorist… Read How Here


By now, everyone has heard about the San Bernardino shooting carried out by “devout” Muslim newlyweds, Syed Farook, 28, and Tashfeen Malik, 27. Now, the Federal Bureau of Investigations is working to establish a possible motive for the massacre and obtain information about the killers who plotted to slaughter innocent victims.

So far, investigators still have not established a possible motive, but they have uncovered other eerie things about the bizarre couple. In addition to an arsenal of ammunition, pipe bombs, and tools to create makeshift explosives. Apparently, information about Farook’s marriage to Malik was also uncovered.

According to the New York Times, Tashfeen Malik was able to relocate to the United States due to a legal loophole in the immigration laws. Although the two had reportedly never met in person before their marriage, Malik was able to obtain a “fiancé VISA” because of her online relationship with Farook. What’s even more disturbing is that she and Farook reportedly followed all the rules and regulations in place for her relocation to the United States. With the fiancé VISA, she was able to enter the country, and she later obtained her resident green card to become an official citizen of the United States.

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“There was nothing she presented that would have been flagged,” a federal official said, speaking anonymously to discuss a fast-moving investigation involving several federal agencies. But, he said, “We’re going back right now and double-checking and looking over everyone’s shoulder who was involved.”

Initially, the Obama administration only faced scrutiny for blaming the lack of gun control for mass shootings and the heightened levels of violence in the United States. Now, he’s being criticized yet again for the immigration laws currently in place. The San Bernardino shooting, along with the relocation of thousands of Syrians, has led to heightened concerns about the security reviews in the immigration system.

On Thursday, December 3, Republican senators Ted Cruz of Texas and Jeff Sessions of Alabama faced the Obama administration head-on by criticizing the fiancé VISA, which undergoes a much more lenient background check than most. Since Malik relocated from Pakistan, government officials wonder who the Obama administration is really allowing to enter the United States from Syria. Refugees or more terrorists? If Malik posed no initial threat to the United States, concerned government officials wonder who else will go unnoticed until they are responsible for another massacre. More

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