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Obama In Desperation SECRETLY Calls 34 Governors… Does NOT Want You To Know Why

Obama SECRETLY Calls 34 Governors

As President Barack Obama continues to face strong opposition to a great many things that he has in the works, it seems the man is starting to come undone a bit. In a clear moment of desperation, Obama managed to simultaneously call 34 governors from across the nation, but he made one small mistake. He did not want the American people to know about it in the slightest.

America is facing a complete and utter divide with those on the left pretending to be the greatest humanitarians on the planet and the right paying attention to the clear threat that allowing so-called refugees into our nation poses to everyone. As more people get on board to saying that maybe we should vet these strangers a bit more before allowing them into our nation, especially since the attacks in Paris, it seems that Obama is becoming extremely frustrated.

Just as we’ve seen in the past so many times before, Obama has been seen hurling childish insults and is genuinely throwing a temper tantrum comparable to that seen by a 2-year-old. However, it seems that his greatest moment of weakness had yet to come.

According to the latest reports, Obama rigged up a conference call, and included 34 governors on the line while he apparently decided to tell them they couldn’t just “not allow refugees into their state.” Yes, you read that right – our divider-in-chief, in his best big-boy voice, tried scolding state leaders to fall in line through intimidation.

In all, his sentiments were that states are not allowed to regulate people, who are granted citizenship from the federal government, coming and leaving their state. Too bad for him, it doesn’t seem as though it’s working.

You see, they’re going to have to get that citizenship first, and Republicans (you know, the guys in majority of both the House and Senate) aren’t going to let this go without a fight. Thus, the president is now acting in such a childish manner on account of him not getting his way as easily as he thinks it should be.

In all, 13 governors were reported to have asked questions while on the line, though the nature of their remarks are unknown. However, since that time, some have continued to express their doubts, such as Arizona Republican Governor Doug Ducey who says there are still serious unanswered questions about the screening process.

“Arizona is entitled to a formal consultation under federal law, and this conference call did not meet that requirement,” he went on to say.

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