Obama ‘Largely Silent’ On Murders Of Christians ➠ Greta & Powers Call for Action!

Obama 'Largely Silent' On Murders Of Christians ➠ Greta & Powers Call for Action!


Obama Silent on ISIS Slaughter of Christians: Greta, Powers Wonder Why

Why won’t President Obama act to stop the slaughter of Christians in the Middle East by ISIS?

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We heard a lot of discussion and criticism this week on Fox News about this topic.

In her “Off the Record” commentary, Greta Van Susteren took President Obama to task for failing to act forcefully against the atrocities.

Her strong words came just after the release of another gruesome video by ISIS, purporting to show the beheadings of a group of Ethiopian Christians in Libya.

Van Susteren said despite video proof of the atrocities as they happen, some want to “bury their head in the sand.”

She called on President Obama to step forward and lead the “great nations” of the world in a fight to stop the killings.

But she said if President Obama will not act, maybe German Chancellor Angela Merkel or British Prime Minister David Cameron will.

“I don’t care who takes the lead. I just know what’s right. My generation just can’t continue to look the other way,” she said. More

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