Obama ➠ ‘Partisan’ Wrangling Over Nuclear Deal “Has To Stop”

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Obama: ‘Partisan’ Wrangling Over Nuclear Deal “Has To Stop”

How dare you question this great deal, that hasn’t been written or agreed upon, but which Obama ensures us will cut off the avenue to the bomb? How dare you question the One?

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Via Fox News:

President Obama said Saturday that partisan wrangling over the nuclear agreement with Iran has gone beyond pale and said the harsh criticism of the deal “needs to stop.”


Obama said that Arizona Sen. John McCain had suggested Secretary of State John Kerry’s explanations of the framework agreement in Iran were “somehow less trustworthy” than those of Iran’s supreme leader.


“That’s an indication of the degree to which partisanship has crossed all boundaries,” an exercised Obama said in a news conference at the end of the two-day Summit of the Americas. “And we’re seeing this again and again.”


Obama said he understood that people would be against the proposed deal and be suspicious of Iran.


“But when you start getting to the point where you are actively communicating that the United States government and our secretary of state is somehow spinning presentations in a negotiation with a foreign power, particularly one you say is your enemy, that’s a problem,” he said.


An aggressive Obama even attacked Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for his criticism, saying the Kentucky Republican had been “telling the world” not to have confidence that the U.S. can meet its own climate change goals. More

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