Obama Raking In Huge Six-Figure Wall Street Speaking Fees

At some point, I think you’ve made enough money…

Any company paying the usurper anything needs a serious boycott. There’s absolutely nothing this Marxist could say that’s worth $100 much less $400,000. 

Free Beacon: Former President Barack Obama is enjoying the perks of post-White House life in the form of hefty financial industry speaking fees.

Obama spoke to clients of Northern Trust Corp. in New York last month for roughly $400,000, Bloomberg reported Monday.

Next week, he will be the keynote speaker for Cantor Fitzgerald LP’s health-care conference, where he will be paid another $400,000, a person familiar with the arrangement told Bloomberg. Cantor CEO Howard Lutnick said Obama would speak and take questions at the conference, which lasts three days and starts Sept. 25.

“Everybody would like to come,” Lutnick said. “Hopefully, we will really talk about the Affordable Care Act in interesting and nuanced ways, which I think is really cool.”

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Obama spoke last week before Carlyle Group LP, one of the world’s largest private equity firms, although Bloomberg did not report if or how much he was paid. According to people in attendance, Obama talked about his life and his time in the White House. More

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