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Obama Snubs Family In Kenya Ahead Of Visit


No surprise here.

Via Daily Mail:

As President Obama’s upcoming visit to his father’s homeland, Kenya, is nearing, his half-brother is still waiting to be told by Obama about his trip later this month.


‘From what I hear, he is coming now as the president of the United States,’ said 57-year-old Malik Abon’go Obama during an interview at his home in Kogelo, Bloomberg reported.


‘He should have at least informed us as his family.’


While his itinerary has been kept secret and the Kenyan presidency has denied that Obama will travel to Kogelo during his July 24 visit, 193 miles northwest of Nairobi, rumors have been sparked that he will make a trip there.


During Obama’s first time traveling to the home of his father, Barrack Hussein Obama Sr, it was 1988 and two decades before he became U.S. president, according to Bloomberg.


He made the trip as Malik Obama fulfilled a promise to their father to bring his half-brother to Kogelo in western Kenya. It was then that Obama met his step-grandmother Sarah Obama as well as other relatives.


Malik Obama, who was best man at Obama’s wedding, said during that trip, he and his half-brother searched for illicit alcohol called chang’aa in the bush and played games together. More

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