Obama Spends $150,000 To ‘Embed’ ‘Up And Coming’ Russian Journalists In U.S. Newsrooms

Obama Spends 0,000 To ‘Embed’ ‘Up And Coming’ Russian Journalists In U.S. Newsrooms

Why just stick to indoctrinating our youth by RT, when you can place effective spies in every newsroom you can? This has to be not of the most stupefying things I’ve heard of this week.

Via Weekly Standard:

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Even as diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Russia remain decidedly chilly over the Ukrainian conflict, the State Department is reaching out to “up-and-coming” Russian journalists. A recent $150,000 grant offering from the U.S. embassy in Moscow seeks to establish a program to give Russian journalists an “intensive professional exchange experience in American newsrooms,” plus “cultural experiences that allow them to learn more about the United States in general.”


Although the program is tentatively named the “Russian Journalist Exchange Program,” it involves only the placement of Russian journalists in American newsrooms and not vice versa. Although the State Department wishes to focus on relatively new journalists who are “showing promise” in their careers, grant recipients are reminded that “[e]very effort should be made to attract a large and diverse participant pool, including persons with disabilities, minorities, a balanced mix of male and female participants, etc.” Grant recipients will carry out recruitment, but the U.S. embassy in Moscow reserves the right of final approval of all participants, as well as approval of the U.S. newsrooms where the visiting journalists will be working. More

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