Obama Spokesman Calls Pro-Lifers “So Fundamentally Dishonest” On Planned Parenthood


Via LifeNews:

President Barack Obama’s top spokesman yesterday called pro-life Republicans who want to de-fund the Planned Parenthood abortion business “fundamentally dishonest.” In fact, Josh Earnest did so twice in two sentences during remarks in his press event.


Republicans have put forward measures to de-fund Planned Parenthood, which Senate Democrats have repeatedly blocked. They are now pushing a new reconciliation bill that would possible be able to be approved on a majority vote in the Senate and get around the filibuster from pro-abortion Senate Democrats.


Although federal funds currently do not pay for abortions in most all cases, pro-life groups support defunding Planned Parenthood because they don’t want to see taxpayer funds go the nation’s largest abortion business, which not only kills 330,000 babies in abortions every year but it also sells aborted babies and their body parts. They understand that federal funding is fungible and frees up Planned Parenthood funds that may go to the smaller set of legitimate services it provides to go towards promoting and performing abortions.

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