Obama Thinks Rand Paul Is A Republican Who Could Support His Iran Deal




Rand Paul says he’s against it now, but his father and their mutual supporters have always had a pro-Iran/pro-Islam bent.

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Via The Hill:

President Obama challenged Republicans to back the nuclear agreement with Iran, arguing it would allow a future GOP president to keep a stronger check on Tehran’s nuclear ambitions.


Obama conceded few, if any, GOP elected officials will back the deal. But he called out Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) by name, asking whether the 2016 presidential hopeful would support the agreement.


“It’ll be interesting to see what somebody like a Rand Paul has to say about this,” Obama said in an interview with New York Times columnist Tom Friedman.


“I think that if I were succeeded by a Republican president — and I’ll be doing everything that I can to prevent that from happening — but if I were, that Republican president would be in a much stronger position than I was when I came into office, in terms of constraining Iran’s nuclear program,” Obama added.


Paul has broken with his GOP colleagues on national security issues and previously voiced support for negotiating with Iran.


But he came out against the agreement Tuesday, saying on Twitter it left the core of Tehran’s nuclear abilities intact.

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