Obama To Provide $163 Million For More Community Organizers To Deal With Police

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Obama To Provide 3 Million For More Community Organizers To Deal With Police

Yesterday in Camden, President Obama revealed his plan for ‘improving’ relations between the police and the community in urban areas. We mentioned yesterday that he was going to be banning certain ‘military-style’ equipment from being provided federally to local police.

He also would be restricting certain items, such as riot gear from receiving federal funding unless it certain criteria were met, including getting approval from local mayor and city council and proving a legitimate reason for having them.

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But worst of all in his scheme is that the Justice Department would be providing $163 million “in hiring grants for positions focused on building community trust”.

Gee, I wonder who would apply and qualify for these DOJ grants?

We reported on the fact that protesters in #Ferguson were being paid to protest there and elsewhere, with money from organizations that had received resources from George Soros.

Sounds like now they may have an even greater assist now, from President Obama and the DOJ….

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