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Obama To Unveil ‘Biggest Step Ever’ In Climate Fight


Obama To Unveil ‘Biggest Step Ever’ In Climate Fight…-media-1

Your electricity bill will necessarily sky rocket.

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President Barack Obama will Monday unveil what he called the “biggest, most important step we’ve ever taken” to fight climate change, a sensitive issue central to his legacy.


The White House will release the final version of America’s Clean Power Plan, a set of environmental rules and regulations that will home in on the pollution from the nation’s power plants, setting limits on power-plant carbon emissions.


Laying out how climate change was a threat to the health, well being and security of millions of Americans, and adding that time was of the essence, Obama said in a video released early Sunday: “Climate change is not a problem for another generation. Not anymore.”


“Power plants are the single biggest source of harmful carbon pollution that contributes to climate change,” added Obama, who made the battle against climate change a core promise of his 2008 election campaign.


“But until now there have been no federal limits to the amount of that pollution that those plants can dump into the air.


He added that without imposing limits, “existing power plants can still dump unlimited amounts of harmful carbon pollution into the air weekly. More

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