Obama Won’t Attend Scalia’s Funeral, But Here’s Six Funerals He DID Attend

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Barack Obama and his wife Michelle won’t be attending Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia’s funeral as announced by the White House on Wednesday. On the heels of that news, let’s take a look at six people whose funerals were worthy of Obama’s time.

Walter Cronkite’s death in 2009 prompted a funeral visit from the Obamas. Not only did Barack Obama give a speech at the funeral, he openly admitted he never knew the newscaster.

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Walter Cronkite

Senator Daniel Inouye, a member of the Democrat Party and a Senator from Hawaii, died less than two months before the 2012 elections. Obama openly wept over the liberal senator at the funeral.

Former Democratic House Speaker Tom Foley died only six months after Obama announced he would not attend British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s funeral. After snubbing the Briton’s funeral over what was largely thought to be a hatred of her policies, Obama made it to Tom Foley’s funeral.

Tom Foley

Hadiya Pendleton’s death received a visit from Michelle in a move likely done to elicit some emotional responses to the 15-year-old girl’s shooting death. That theory was proven correct. The death of this Chicago teenager was the foundation Obama built his SOTU address on, in which he called for further gun control restrictions.

 Hadiya Pendleton

Hadiya Pendleton

Reverend Clementa Pinckney, who was also a South Carolina Senator, was killed during the Charleston shooting last summer. Obama delivered the eulogy during his funeral.

Reverend Clementa Pinckney

Senator Robert Byrd, a democrat from West Virginia with radical ties to the Ku Klux Klan, died in June of 2010. Obama gave a speech at the ceremony and called the late senator his friend.

Robert Byrd

Robert Byrd

None of these are really surprising. The one that was not a politician was used so that Obama could preach about gun control. The others were all democrats. Based on Scalia’s writings and Supreme Court decisions, he was not. More

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