Obamacare To Cover Majority Of Woman’s Sex Reassignment Surgery Costs


Obamacare To Cover Majority Of Woman’s Sex Reassignment Surgery Costs…

Asserting her reproductive rights.


Lisa Larson said she knew at the age of three that something was different.


In an exclusive interview, Larson explained what it means to be transgender, and how Gender Identity Disorder is seen as a medical condition as she prepares for transsexual sex reassignment surgery in 2015.


Larson spoke about the mental, physical and emotional preparation for the surgery, and the relief she feels knowing Obamacare is covering the majority of the costs.


Next year will be Lisa Larson’s 60th birthday, but it will be the first time she’s true to herself. Larson started the transition process almost a year ago to the day, and though she’s never been happier, she worries society still won’t accept her as a woman.


“We have no control over this, if we had cancer, I’d have as much control over it, or my green eyes,” Larson explained.


Lisa Larson says she’s felt trapped in a man’s body since the age of 3, but surgery has been financially out of reach.


“For a vaginoplasty, breast implants, facial reconstruction, hormones, laser hair removal, for everything that needed to be done, my first quote was $70,000,” Larson added.


However, with the help of Obamacare, Larson says she is looking at paying $5,000 out of pocket for the surgery, but because the surgery wouldn’t be covered in South Carolina, Larson’s been speaking with surgeons in Georgia. More

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