Obama’s Arrogance Knows No Limits!


Charles Krauthammer: ‘Obama’s Arrogance Knows No Limits’

Charles Krauthammer reacted on “Special Report” to President Obama’s criticism of the way the media covers issues of poverty.

“He’s letting us know that his arrogance knows no limits,” Krauthammer said. “Of course he wants a change in coverage, particularly the coverage of himself.”

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“After all, he was considered a Greek god in 2008. And right now, people are actually judging him on [his]merits. He doesn’t like that.”

Krauthammer said that Obama has the arrogance to say – in one day – that not only does the media have to change, but John Boehner, Mitch McConnell and Elizabeth Warren also have to change.

“There’s only one person on the firmament who doesn’t have to change and that’s Barack Obama,” Krauthammer stated.

“He seems impervious to empirical evidence. The same view he had of himself upon attaining the presidency, he has today.”

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