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Obama’s Beloved Arab Muslim Media Calls Him Most Vile, Racist Names

Obama’s Beloved Arab Muslim Media Calls Him Most Vile, Racist Names

There are few things that Barack Obama will drop his golf clubs in order to defend, but Islam certainly impassioned him enough that he would rather insult the 75 percent majority of Christians in order to shield the aggressive ideology of Islam from any criticism.

However, it appears that the insults are being hurled right back at the slippery Commander-in-Chief, but it’s not from those who he most resents.

As brought to our attention by translation from, the Arab Muslim media is very open about their feelings towards Obama, calling him the most vile racial slur they can conjure — the “n” word.

Arab Muslim Media Refers To Obama As Most Vile, Racist Names

While the activists of black America are quick to go after invisible white privilege as the source of all racism and the most insufferable persecution in the modern world, the Muslim world is beyond candid when it comes to their most powerful supporter, referring to the American president in the most derogatory manners possible.

One prime example of the general feeling towards Obama is the popular Palestinian newspaper, Al-Quds, which refers to him as “N***er Obama,” and calls him a “monkey,” poking fun at “his black color.”

Arab Muslim Media Refers To Obama As Most Vile, Racist Names

Throughout Egypt and the Middle East, Obama is widely known as “El-A’bd Obama,” or “Slave Obama,” in the most politically correct sense of the term. The term a’bd was often used by the Islamic Prophet Muhammad towards his black African slaves, who he referred to as “raisin heads” and “pug-nosed” because of their dark color, coarse hair, and differing facial features.

Of course, Obama is not only referred to as the “n” word, but he is also the subject of scrutiny because of his anti-Islamic, hypocritical stance on dogs. The woman being interviewed on national television at 1:03 calls Obama “Al-Kalb, El-A’bd Obama,” or “Obama the dog and the n***er.”

The renowned Yom7-TV in Egypt also holds the same view of Obama, calling him “Jild Al-Hantour Obama,” or “brown-skinned carriage mule,” on mainstream television. Again, the woman’s racist language is neither censored nor reprimanded by the host.

This sort of racist thinking isn’t only used against the hated American president, but it is inherent in the Muslim world against all blacks, as it has been for over a millennium. More

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