Obama’s Climate Change Plan Will Only Avert 0.001° Of Warming A Year

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Obama wouldn’t be able to defeat Jethro Bodine in a ciphering contest.


Via The Daily Caller

President Barack Obama formally submitted his plan to cut U.S. carbon dioxide emissions to the U.N. Tuesday and a climate scientists has already pointed out a glaring problem: The plan will have virtually no impact on global temperatures.

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Obama’s carbon dioxide reduction plan commits the U.S. to 26 to 28 percent below 2005 levels by 2025 — a promise he made last year to secure a pledge from China to reduce its own emissions.


But Obama’s plan will only avert 0.001 degrees Celsius of global temperature rises a year, according to climate scientist Chip Knappenberger with the libertarian Cato Institute.


Everything but kitchen sink in Obama’s #climate plan announcement-everything except climate. Why? Plan will only avert 0.001C/yr of warming.

— Chip Knappenberger (@PCKnappenberger) March 31, 2015


The cost? It’s not clear, but EPA regulations aimed at cutting carbondioxide emissions from the energy sector is projected to cost as much as $8.8 billion a year based on agency figures. Other studies put the cost much higher — a NERA study found the costs would be $41 billion per year.[…]


Democrats have backed Obama’s plan to reduce emissions. The White House says this plan will galvanize international support behind a global climate treaty — one they plan to impose without congressional approval. More

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