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Obama’s Climate Change Rules May Kill 300,000 Jobs

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Obama’s Climate Change Rules May Kill 300,000 Jobs

Via Washington Times:

The fate of President Obama’s climate change plan now rests with three judges who heard oral arguments Thursday in a case that will decide whether the Environmental Protection Agency can move ahead with historic limits on power plant emissions.


The monumental case came before a federal appeals court on the same day new data was released showing the EPA regulations could lead directly to the loss of nearly 300,000 jobs — more fuel for critics who say Mr. Obama is pursuing a radical environmental agenda at the expense of jobs and affordable electricity rates.


Amid political battles, a host of legal questions and widespread belief the president’s proposal ultimately will end up before the U.S. Supreme Court, EPA attorneys argued that it’s too early to bring legal challenges because the so-called Clean Power Plan has yet to be finalized. The final version will be released this summer and is widely expected to call for a 30 percent cut in carbon emissions by 2030, forming the basis for Mr. Obama’s broader global warming agenda. More

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