Obama’s Foreign Policy Is So Bad Even Gloria Steinem Is Invoking Reagan Favorably



Obama’s Foreign Policy Is So Bad Even Gloria Steinem Is Invoking Reagan Favorably…

Sign of the apocalypse?

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Via Politico:

Gloria Steinem is among 30 women activists marching from Beijing through the demilitarized zone dividing North and South Korea in a call for peace next Sunday. The event marks the International Women’s Day for Peace and Disarmament.


The 81-year-old activist told Reuters that “it seems to me that the past of no contact has not worked,” invoking former President Ronald Reagan’s call to tear down the Berlin Wall.


“We are saying: ‘Take down this isolation,’” she said, according to the report, which also notes that the organizers will meet with North Korean women and tour a maternity hospital, a women’s factory in Pyongyang and a preschool.


Both countries have approved the rare crossing of the DMZ, a rare event that has generated criticism among those who say the event could be used as propaganda by the North.

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